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July 3, 2019

When was the last time you looked at your website analytics data? Honestly, it should be reviewed every 30 days. Even more frequently if you have a sale or promotion going on. 

If you have studied your Google Analytics data you will find a lot of information that can he...

June 17, 2019

Straight up, do you know where your business is on Google? If you don't you should find out. And you will in this post, I will discuss how you can find out how well you are ranking on Google. 

What do you need to do first? Do a direct search for your business name. What...

June 6, 2019

Google is the biggest search engine known to man. There are so many great products and benefits that Google offers. To give you a bit of background on Google. It was born September 4, 1998, which makes the company 20 years old. 

Since the beginning Google has continued...

September 7, 2017

Adding more into your ads, will always help you get an increase in your CTR %. For those that don't know what CTR % is, simply put it is the ratio of how many clicks you receive to how many times your ad was seen (impressions). This ratio will give you a clear indicati...

August 8, 2017

If you have heard of Google AdWords, you might not have heard of AdWords Express. Or you might have assumed they are the same thing. Do not make that assumption. 

Google AdWords is precise, exact, can pinpoint your ideal consumer online within the Google Search and Disp...

June 29, 2017

This will be a simple post, but essential to set up for your business website Google Analytics account. Getting your conversions tracking on your website from the get-go will share a lot of data tracking. And tell you what to optimize for better success on your site....

January 27, 2017

Google has recognized that human behavior is changing, that many younger generation users are more comfortable communicating via Text Messaging. They have created a new feature to add to your Paid Ads that show on Google, to allow the user to text the business with que...

November 23, 2016

The internet is a very hard place for business owners to find their perfect customers, that is if you don't know where to look. Google being the most popular used website on the web today, they provide tools for a lot of different purposes. I am going to explain the im...

November 23, 2016

There has been a change to Google AdWords brand, it is now known as Google Ads. This post was written before that change. 

If you are not familiar with what Google AdWords is, it is a form of PPC advertising. PPC is Pay Per Click. This type of advertising is showing in...

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