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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool included in the Google Marketing Platform and used every day by millions of businesses.

We make Google Analytics work for you with the latest SEO strategies. Compatible with iOs and Android, Google Analytics is something your internet presence can’t afford to miss out on.

Using Google Analytics helps you make better marketing decisions. This way you direct your funds, your time, and your skills in the best directions to always stay ahead and on point.

The Power of Analytics

The main function of Google Analytics is to track and record web traffic.

This provides you with insight into:

How many people are visiting your website.

How long people spend on your website.

What they do while they’re visiting your website.

The origin of your web traffic.

What apps and devices your visitors use.

How your Google performance compares to your competition.

What results you aren’t seeing so that you can explore solutions.

Things You Can Track

There are so many different metrics that are tracked in Google Analytics.

The website visitors' behavior is tracked to tell you how well your website is performing.


Date & Time






Gender & Age




Time Spent on Site




Lead Forms




Source of Traffic




Video Views

 Learn More About Google Analytics

Find out how to master Google

We make it easy to get the most out of Google Analytics by finding the right mix of techniques for your target demographics. You’ll learn how to integrate Google Analytics into your marketing strategy, with regular reviews. We recommend reviewing the data collected at least once a month to stay as effective as possible.

Learning how to use Google Analytics can help you make important decisions for your business’s future, like what markets to invest your time and resources toward and how to develop your brand.


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How To Use Google Analytics

Share Access

Create a Universal Analytics Account

Installing Analytics on your Website

Turn on Demographics

Create a Goal also known as a conversion.

Create a New Google Analytics 4 Account


These are commonly asked questions about Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics?

This is a free Google tool that you can implement onto your website to track your users behaviors on each page of your site.

What is a conversion?

A conversion is an action a user takes on your webiste that is of value to your business. Ex: contact form, book an appointment, transaction, email subscriber, etc.

What information can Google Analytics capture?

Google Analytics uses cookies to track the users behavior on and off your website. It can collect data on your users behavior • Source of where they found your site • The time they spent on your site • Devices used • Pages viewed • Geographic location • Conversion actions • New vs Returning user • Total Sessions & Average Pages Viewed each session