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Google Ads


  • Google Ads is a PPC (pay-per-click) or SEM (search engine marketing) type of marketing campaign.

  • Target Google Search with text ads that can show in the top 1-4 spots on Google, and as well as at the bottom of the search page. 

  • Competing with other businesses to get to the top of Google for industry search queries.

  • Targeting your ideal consumer by keyword searched, physical location, the device used and many more to be precise and higher quality.

  • Focusing on generating new leads and conversions from the campaign. Those conversions can be calls, website lead forms, email subscribers, get directions, send a message, or a website visit for longer than 1 minute.

  • Getting your business website to the top of Google beating out all of your competitors and tracking all of the conversions to provide you with a clear cut ROI.

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Types of Ads

There are several different types of ads that you can use to get in front of your audience. 

Search Ads
Google Ads - Search Network text ads.png
Display Ads
Remarketing - KaeRae Marketing
Click to Call Ads
Google Ads - click to call mobile
Shopping Ads
Google Shopping Ads - Merchant Center - KaeRae Marketing
YouTube Ads - KaeRae Marketing

 Already using Google Ads? 


Google Ads Campaign Audit

This Google Ads Audit Report will review your Google Ads account from top to bottom. My report will outline how your current campaigns are organized and the content of the ads, keywords, and chosen landing pages. 

My main focus while managing my Google Ads campaigns is the tracked conversions and what keywords & ads are converting the most. Identifying this information can help me determine an ROI for my clients.

google ads campaign audit
Google Ads Audit
30 min

Process for your Audit

google ads on desktop

In order to complete an audit of your Google Ads campaign, you must have access to your active account. 

The value of this report is in the thousands. My direct recommendations will give you the insights to make changes or stop using PPC campaigns for your business with different digital marketing tactics to implement. The upfront cost for a Google Ads Audit Report is $100. 

  1. Schedule your Audit Review Call

  2. Share access to your Google Ads account

  3. Receive the audit report 1 hour before your scheduled call