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Google Ads Certified since 2014. 


Google Management

I’ve been captivated by Google since I started using the Internet at age 10 because Google is the central hub of everything on the web. That’s why I decided to become a master of leveraging Google’s tools for your business exposure and growth.

I provide expert Google Marketing management. That covers all of the Google tools available, such as Google Analytics, Google My Business, Search Console, Google Tag Manager, YouTube, and Google Ads

I have been Google Ads certified since 2014. There is a lot that goes into being successful with Google Ads for your business. The campaigns we design are customized to your business and lead to actionable goals. Tracking those new leads is important to grow and strengthen your campaigns. 

The strategies used in a Google Marketing plan are based on data collected for your business. This allows the plan to be closely customized to your business and existing audience base. The plan is always being evaluated and adjusted. We enjoy coming up with more creative ideas to get your business out there.

I work with any type of business industry out there. And I always focus solely on the specific business goals and the market for the strategy. You won't get a cookie-cutter strategy here.




The communication is always open and regular. I want to know how business is going and any concerns you have about your online business marketing.

What is included

I focus on the necessary information to know your market and audience in great detail. Below is the beginning research I conduct to analyze your best marketing strategy going forward.

Audience & Market Analysis

Keyword Research

Competitor Deep Dive

Website Scrutiny & Provide Recommendations

Conversion Tracking Set Up

The research is ongoing and so the optimization and recommendation for any of your marketing strategies. All of your marketing should work together cross-platforms. I partner well with third-party companies, we all should be on the same page.

You will also receive an active-synced report for all your Google marketing results. Along with a lead tracking system to qualify good and bad leads. We take the lead tracking from the click to a quoted job status.

Learn about the Google Tools

Click on any of the tools below to learn more about how they can help your business.

Learn about Google

Google Analytics is a website tracking tool that can tell you a lot about the visitors to your site.

Google My Business is a free listing to showcase your business on Google with reviews, photos

& all your business information.

Google Ad Rank is a diagnostic report that was designed by KaeRae to evaluate the current standing of a business'  Google ranking.

Remarketing Ads are customized display ads that follow your past website visitors around on other sites.

Google Ads is a paid tool that allows you to custom create ads to show at the top of Google for top searched keywords. 

Google Tag Manager is a conversion tracking tool that can dive deeper in to the valuable actions of your website visitors.