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Google My Business

A Google My Business account gives you a listing on the Google search engine that prospects can use to find you and connect with you. This listing can be customized to show off your unique company and make customers choose you over your competition. We use every tool Google My Business has to give you a ranking in the top four local pack results.

We’ll show you just how easy—and fun—creating a Google My Business account is. Before you can optimize your profile, you have to have an accurate listing. Google also calls this a knowledge board, because it should contain everything a prospect needs to connect with you at a glance.

What Your Listing Looks Like

Here’s what you need for your Google My Business listing.

The proper name of your business.

The physical address of your business,

if you have one.

The phone number you use for your business.

The website you use for your business.

Your hours of operation.

You can verify your Google My Business listing with a phone call or by mail. We use your address so Google can literally put you on the map.

Photos are another excellent way to attract notice. You can use photos to show customers your look, your products, your team, special offers, and so much more.

Now you have a brand new Google My Business listing. Clients and prospects can use it to find your location, call you, buy online, and leave reviews.

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Find Out How to Master Google

When you use Google My Business, you can track your results with the Insights function. This shows you the number and origin of the clicks, views, and impressions your website is getting.

Complete your website by using keywords and key phrases on each page that will keep your listing at the top of the front page. Blog posts are a great way to inform your client base, improve your client engagement, and get more attention to your website.

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These are commonly asked questions about Google My Business.

What is Google My Business

It is a Free Google Listing to showcase your business information when someone searches your business name in Google. And when searched for Local Businesses in the Map section, your Google My Business Listing will be shown.

How do I verify my Google My Business Listing

You must verify your Google My Business listing. This will ensure that you can keep the information updated and accurate. You can verify your listing by finding your listing on Google Search. And click "Claim This Listing". You will be required to get a verification code from Google, via Mailed Postcard, Phone Call (to the number on your listing), or send an email.

How to get a new review on Google My Business

Getting a star rating for your Google My Business Listing is important, it gets you to stand out and build credibility from your past customers. It only requires one review to get a star rating. Your listing will have a customized profile link to share with your recent customers to request a Google Review.

What does the the Google My Business listing look like?

Can random people really make changes to my Google My Business Listing?

Simple Answer: Yes Even though it doesn’t seem fair to most business owners, anyone can suggest a change or an edit to your business listing, including your competition. These user-generated changes can be made live on your listing, and you might not even be notified the changes have been made. This includes changing your physical business location. Keep an eye on your listing, you really should have your listing verified to ensure you can your information is accurate. Source:

Should I create a post on my Google My Buisness listing?

Yes, this can help Google understand your business even more. It also offers an opportunity to show off a bit more about your business. Such as, a promotion you have going on, a seasonal service or product, a video, an event, and more.