3 Key Components to a Strong Brand

Updated: Mar 1, 2021


Marketing - Branding - Strong Brands
Marketing - Branding - Strong Brands

1. Target Audience

Who are you speaking to?

You don't want to talk into the void. Whether you want to start your own business or have a business already, defining who you reach matters.

When brands are all over the place, messaging can be confusing. Take the time to research. You aren't just selling a product, you're selling a message, brand or lifestyle around that and it is aimed at a specific person.

Take the time to storyboard or brainstorm to narrow down your audience. Sometimes it helps to put a name and face to the demographic, this practice will remind you when you need to make decisions around your product or service.

2. Find Your Voice

Fun, serious, informative, authoritative?

You can be one or a mix, you can be fun and informative or serious with a dash of wit. Coming up with a general direction is a good place to start if you're uncertain, there's nothing like analysis paralysis to keep you stuck. Ultimately, your voice will develop and become stronger along the way.


"Your {brand} voice will develop and become

stronger along the way."


Intentionally develop or workshop your brand, trust the process and work consistently, it will happen. The practice may not make things perfect, but eventually, your brand will shine through.

3. Create Your "WHY"

Why did you start your business to begin with?

Was it to make a change in a place where you continually saw mediocrity? Was it creating a service to solve a problem? Ask yourself key questions to get to the core.

Really take the time to dig into your "WHY" which will, in turn, will help you develop your voice.

Simon Sinek at his Ted Talk can really be thanked for presenting the idea of bringing your "WHY" to the forefront of what you do. Take his advice and apply it to business and see how far it can take you!

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