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Are Google Ads Worth it for Small Businesses?

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

The value of Google Ads and the cost are different things to consider.

Value = is there a potential opportunity for growth and return for using Google

Cost = that outweighs the cost of advertising on Google

Now is it worth using Google Ads if you own a small business...

This is a decision you should prepare yourself for. Here are a few steps to determine if Google Ads is worth it for your business.

  1. Visit your Google Analytics and review the sources of traffic for your website. Determining where your website visitors come from will verify where you should focus your advertising.

  2. Is Google organic your largest source of driving traffic? Google Ads would be a great way to step up your game. Organic website efforts can take months to see the results you want. Google Ads speeds it up to weeks.

  3. Find a Google manager you can trust. There are agencies that will not actively manage your campaigns and overcharge you.

  4. Start to budget for using Google Ads, you may not be able to afford using Google Ads right away. But if you do your research to find out what your overall monthly cost would be for a Google Manager + Campaign Ad Spend Budget. You can begin to save for those costs.

  5. What are your goals? How many calls or leads do you need to convert to get your return on investment?

If you are looking to get massive growth for your business. The best way is to use Google Ads. Take your time to consider all that I shared with you above before you start your campaign.

“The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity.”

Peter Drucker

Google - KaeRae Marketing
Google - KaeRae Marketing

If you have already started using Google Ads, how much success have you seen? Managing a successful campaign requires active maintenance checks.

You might think you can manage your own Google Ads campaigns, but I have audited many accounts that were not performing to the full potential because of setup errors. Trust a Google Ads certified expert.

Request a Google Audit to find out how well your campaign is doing. Sign Up Here.

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