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Are Magazine Ads Even Worth It?

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Many business owners I speak with, have been "sold" magazine advertising. What they do not really think about is that it is difficult to track.

The salesman will review with you how many "impressions" or people that receive this magazine. That number may sound enormous to you while you are being pitched.

But let's look at this in comparison to digital opportunities.

Google Ads Expert - Google Ads Manager
Google Ads Expert - Google Ads Manager - KaeRae Marketing

I had a client that decided to trade their digital ad spend for a limited reach magazine ad.

In the moment I was made aware they signed a contract for a magazine advertisement, I instantly got a stomach ache. Not because I was upset that I lost my client, but that my client did not feel consult with me before making this huge decision.

I am sure they believed when they signed up, they were making a great business decision. But unfortunately, they traded their digital marketing strategies for a magazine ad.

Google Ads Expert - Google AdWords
Google Ads - Google Ads Expert

I want to share with any business owner that wants to listen.

Stop getting sucked into using the "traditional" forms of marketing. You think that it works because why would it not, with how much you paid for it. Right?!?! You would think that the investment amount should match the return.

But what you are not told, is that using those traditional styles of marketing. YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS HAPPENING....

There is zero tracking capabilities with old school advertisements. Just think about it, how does anyone know if you looked at a billboard and called the number, or saw a commercial or fast forwarded, or tore a magazine page ad out to take it home.

You will never know if those advertisements are working. Unless you ask every person that calls or comes in to your business.

(Get into the habit of asking "where did you hear about us?" to everyone that comes in.)

The reality is that those big marketing firms, have taught their sales people very well. Knowing exactly what to tell you or get you to agree to.

You simply need to find a Marketing Consultant that can be the honest expert opinion, to advise, coordinate, and analyze your marketing strategies.

Free Consultation Call to discuss your business is available to book online here, with KaeRae herself.

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