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Updated: Mar 14

For all of those businesses out there that have a website, nice work. But did you take time to create an SEO plan for your website? This is an important step to take while building your website.

But don't worry if you didn't do it then, you can do it now. In the post, I will review what my team and I do when creating an SEO plan for a business website.

SEO website update - KaeRae Marketing

First, what is SEO? As simply as I can put it, SEO is how search engines understand your website and show you for specific searches.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. There are over 200 different factors that affect your Google organic search ranking.


You want to ensure that your website is secure before you begin anything more. This is important for those websites that collect any personal or payment information. You can identify if your website has an SSL, visit your site and look for httpS://www. if your website does not have an S it is not secure. Another way to tell if your site is secure, look for the lock next to your URL. (See below)

Security - Website


Have you checked out your own website on your mobile phone? This is how most people view your website. You need to have a mobile-friendly site or you will lose a lot of people because they could not view the site easily. You have less than 10 seconds to capture someone's attention. That amount of patience goes down for mobile users, so 5 seconds.

Use this mobile-friendly test:

And check the speed of your website:


The next step is to do the research for your top keywords for your SEO plan. Think like your customers, what would they search when looking for you.

Your search queries should be short, between 1-3 words. Start your keyword list now. If you need help finding similar keywords and ideas. Try this tool out,


In order for Google or other search engines to understand your website, you need to set up your page tags correctly.

Title Tag: this need gives a title to your page. You need to customize each page. It is structured like this, Page Specific Keyword │ Location│ Business Name. Keep the structure consistent on each page.

Website - Title Tags

Meta Description: this is visible when your website is shown on Google. Create an engaging paragraph to explain the page. Include your page keyword in your meta description.

Website - Meta Data

Alt Tag: this is what your image is named. Remember Google (or other search engines) is a computer, they do not see the image they can only see what the image is named. Do not leave your website images named Screenshot01.02.2020. Customize each alt tag based on your keyword list and what the image is.

Google - Website - Tags


Like I mentioned before there are over 200 different factors that are used to rank each of your website pages. I cannot discuss all of them in one blog post. But on that note, blogging is very helpful in improving your organic rank and reach. The more pages you have on your website that include top searched keywords, the more options you have for Google to put your website higher. Think about your keywords when you start writing your blog posts. Each page needs a different specific keyword.


And lastly, this tip can help build the credibility of your website. In your blog posts and other pages of your website create linking opportunities. Meaning find areas in your writing that you can link to a page on your site or to an external site. This is called Backlinking, and when you link to a page on your own website that is considered an internal link. And when you link to someone else's website, when siting information or providing additional information that is an external link. You need a balance of both.

But if you can take it a step farther, build a relationship with the person that currently manages the website you are externally linking to and ask them to link to your website on their page. This will create a backlinking opportunity that is mutually beneficial. Plus, Google will give you more credibility points for having multiple backlinking between already reputable websites.

That is a simple overview of what you need to think about during an SEO update to your website. A recommendation I have to all of you is to review your SEO rank and update your keyword list at least twice a year, if not quarterly.

Free Consultation Call to discuss your business is available to book online here, with KaeRae herself. The call will include what kind of state your current website's SEO ranking is.

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