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Google Ads: Account Structure

The Google Ads account structure is made up of three main levels: account, campaign, and ad group. Here's a brief explanation of each level:

Account level: This is the highest level of the account structure and represents the entire Google Ads account. The account level is where you set up billing information and manage overall account settings, such as access permissions and email notifications.

Campaign level: This is the second level of the account structure, and each account can have multiple campaigns. Campaigns are where you set your advertising objectives, such as generating leads, driving website traffic, or increasing brand awareness. At the campaign level, you can also set budget, target audience, and ad delivery settings.

Ad group level: This is the lowest level of the account structure and represents a group of ads within a campaign that share a similar theme or target the same set of keywords. Ad groups are where you create and manage your actual ads, as well as set specific targeting parameters, such as location, language, and device type.

Within each ad group, you can create multiple ads and test different variations to see which performs best. This account structure allows for easy organization and management of campaigns, ad groups, and ads, making it easier to optimize your advertising efforts and achieve better results.


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