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Google Ads Bidding Strategy

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Google Ads - KaeRae Marketing
Google Ads - KaeRae Marketing

Choosing a bidding strategy for your Google Ads campaign is a decision that will affect your goals and your budget.

Your bidding strategy is how you choose to pay for your ad interactions. There are a couple of options for bidding strategies, but they each have their own purpose.

Before deciding on your bidding strategy you want to consider what your campaign goals are. Are you looking for new traffic to your site, calls, lead forms, purchases, or something else? The bidding strategy will help you achieve these goals.

Before I dive into the types of bidding strategies I recommend using. There is an overall campaign goal setting in Google Ads. This will help reach your overall goal, be sure to choose a goal for each campaign. Below are the options for campaign goals.

Bidding Strategies - Paid Ads
Bidding Strategies - Paid Ads

A pro tip: If you do not have time to check your campaign at least once a week, you should consider hiring an expert Google manager.

Different budget totals will be served better used for different bidding strategies.

A minimum recommendation for your Google Ads budget is $500 per month. That will give you enough to get things happening. Each industry is different, based on competitiveness and keywords.

Maximize Clicks: this strategy focuses on getting as many clicks as possible with your set budget. This is the best for campaigns with a small budget.

Maximize Conversions: this strategy focuses on getting the most conversions as your budget allows. Pay attention to your average cost per conversion. You can create additional bidding parameters to control the cost per conversion. 

Importing and specifically setting your conversion tracking for each campaign will give you great success with this bidding strategy. Below you can see the goal focus options to choose from.

Manual CPC: this is an advanced strategy, do not use this strategy if you cannot check your campaigns weekly. This requires a lot of updating.

This strategy allows you to specifically set a cost to bid on each keyword. You need to add specific columns to see what the bid estimate is for the first page, top of the page, or the first position. 

Start by clicking on Columns > Under Attributes > Select the three below > Click Apply

Ad Types - Google Ads
Ad Types - Google Ads

Keep your bids updates every week or you will fall out of the auction for showing on page one.

All of these bidding strategies should be used in different circumstances. If you have questions about choosing a bidding strategy that works for you. Contact us for a free consultation at www.kaeraemarketing.com/initial-call

Free Consultation Call to discuss your business is available to book online here, with KaeRae herself.

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