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Google Ads Campaign Structure

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Google Ads - Campaign - Google Campaigns
Google Ads - Campaign - Google Campaigns

Notice: you should work with a Google Ads certified manager to see the best results from your Google Ads campaign.

The structure and organization of your Google Ads campaign are important to see quality performance and traffic.

When creating your campaigns, target one type of ad per campaign.

There are several different types of ad campaigns.

- The Search network, which uses text ads.

- Call-only ads to show only to those on mobile devices because they can click to call.

- The Display network, which shows your image ads on up to 3 million websites that partner with Google.

- Remarketing ads show to users that have already visited your website before.

- Smart Campaign allows Google to take the reins and find idea users to click on your ads.

There are a few more, but they are a bit more advanced.

Within your campaigns you need to continue the organization into the Ad Group level. This is critical to see the success of your campaign.

When creating your ad groups, break down each group by different service or major keyword. Being specific that when you create ads and keywords for the ad group they are targeted to that specific topic.

If you are too general and put all of your keywords and one ad in your ad group. Google will not have a good understanding of what you do and who they should show your ads to.

In each of your ads you want to use the specific keywords in your ad group, in the headlines and descriptions of the keywords you are targeting.

Don't forget to choose a valuable landing page on your website, that is relevant to your ad group and keywords.

Google wants to see the consistency from your ad copy, keyword list, and landing page content. If there is nothing in common across all of those things, Google will give you a low-quality score.

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