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Google Ads Gets Results

Are you looking to get results for your business? Have you considered going right to the source of most of your digital traffic, Google...?

You can get great results from Google Ads. If you know how to leverage using Google to reach the right customers for your business.

I have been managing Google Ads campaigns since 2014. I have lost count of how many different campaigns I have collaborated on. But the variety of businesses I have worked with is expansive.

I enjoy going into a project with an open mind to what this business needs from the web.

I do not base my strategy on a past client, but use that as a baseline for what to expect from this new campaign.

I get excited to work with types of businesses that are unique and want to really test the data. It allows me to get creative with strategy and trust the data will tell the story of what to do going forward.

Reading the Google data can give a clear picture of what your customer really wants. And providing this information in a direction of successful marketing strategy.

I have been working with an online website client that sells fly fishing gear. This client's Google Ads campaign has performed excellently. So much in fact, I want to share the results with you.

In 2019, this client was using Google Ads but was not happy with the results. The data below is for the year before we started working together.

Sessions: 44,000

Revenue: $75,000

Sales: 800

Conv. Rate: 1.8%

Then at the start of 2020, I started working with this client. They had very specific goals for their Average Cost Per Sale. To increase their profit margins as much as possible.

I enjoyed this challenge, allowing all my knowledge to flow through when discussing my ideas with this client.

And at the end of 2020, we reviewed the results by comparing them to 2019. Like we did several times throughout the year.

Sessions: 145,000

Revenue: $412,000

Sales: 4,300

Conv. Rate: 3.0%

The Year Over Year Growth was 450%!

The Google Ads campaign generated over 55% of that total traffic and sales. That makes me extremely proud of all the experience I have gained over the last 6 years of Google Ads management.

I would love to hear your experience with Google Ads, share your case study results in the comments.

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