Google Drive

One of my favorite products given to us by the great Google, is Google Drive.

I am an avid user of Google Drive, it is something I started using in college and haven't stopped since. I never have to worry about forgetting something. I can access my Google Drive folders or documents from anywhere. All I need is a computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile device to sign in and access my document.

Not only can I access my folders and documents. I can share them with others. Anyone can use Google Drive for Free. Start by signing up for a free Gmail account.

Many clients ask me why I use Google Drive over Dropbox or other sharing platforms. I say simply, "it's free!" Who does not want to use a free product?

But when Google makes a free tool, you can trust that it will be extremely helpful, user-friendly and make your life much easier.

There are storage limit for Google Drive, but honestly you will have to work hard to fill up the free 15 GB of space. If you do max out your storage you can upgrade for a very small fee of $1.99 per month for a total of 100 GB.

I have created several How To Videos for using Google Drive.

• Where to find your Drive

• Share Access

• Google Doc

• Google Sheets

• Google Slides

• Google Forms

• Uploading

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