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Here's an Idea... Ask for Reviews

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Ask for Reviews
Ask for Reviews

While we are all stuck at home, staring at our phones for way too many hours. As we keep wondering when this madness might end and we can return to our normal lives and enjoy the spring that is crawling our way.

My idea is to contact your followers, customers, and loyal fans to write a review for your business.

We all know the importance of online reviews for your business. That is the virtual form of word of mouth referrals.

Spend time this week asking for reviews online. You will be surprised at how many people love your business and want to tell everyone about it. This is a simple request for you to make to your customers, it takes just a few minutes to think about the last experience they had with your business!

And don't forget to review me on Google or Facebook.

Thank you for the support, feedback, business, and kindness from those that have worked with me in the past.

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