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How to claim your business on Google

Updated: Aug 4

First, we need to find your business on Google. Let's do a Google Search or search Google Maps for your business. This will lead us to a few possible outcomes.

Your business is listed and unclaimed.

Your business was automatically created and is floating out there on Google, but it isn't claimed by you. This means any information was automatically populated and no additional info was added, and the info populated could be inaccurate.

Let's get this listing claimed! At the bottom of your business profile will be

Under the Business Profile, click "Claim this business." This will bring you through the verification process.

Your business is listed and claimed by someone that isn't you.

Your business was created and is owned by an email that you no longer have access to or isn't yours. At the bottom of your business profile, you will see "Suggest an edit • Own this business?" you will want to click "Own this business?"

Google will give you a peek at the first few letters of the email address that owns the listing. This could trigger your memory on the email address you initially used, which you can now access it using that email. If you don't recognize the email, you will click "Request Access."

Once you're at the request access page, fill out the following:

Select the access level: Ownership

Relationship: Owner

Your contact name: Your Name

Your phone number: Your phone number

Check the box that reads "Let the owner of this Business Profile see my public information and email address.

After the form is submitted, the current listing owner will get an email asking them if the request is valid and have 3 days to respond to your request. You will receive a confirmation email (do not delete this email) that provides a link that allows you to check the status of your request by clicking on the link.

If your request is approved, you will receive a confirmation email and are ready to start managing the business profile. If your request is denied, you must contact Google My Business support and appeal the denial (support.google.com/business/gethelp).

If the current listing owner does not respond within the 3-day timeframe, you may have the option to claim the profile yourself. To claim a Business Profile:

Open the original confirmation email you received about your ownership request.

Find your request and follow the instructions to verify. You may also sign in to Business Profile, and locate the "Claim" or "Verify" button on your dashboard.

Add your business to Google.

If you're unable to locate your business using these two methods, it is likely your business isn't listed and should be added. To add your business to Google and claim it, go back to business.google.com/add, sign in to a Gmail account you own and follow the prompts to create your own Google business profile. Remember what email address you used because that email will be the primary owner of the listing.

If you choose to show your address, you will be prompted to verify it via postcard. If you decide not to display your address, you will be prompted to add an address for verification purposes. The address will not be displayed, but where the postcard is mailed will be. Once you receive the postcard, typically within 5 business days, log back into your listing and verify it.

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