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How To: create a new YouTube channel

Have you ever wanted to create a YouTube video or channel for your business? If done well, this can have a substantial impact and be a great content resource for your customers.

Take a few minutes to look at our "how-to" and get started! Now is the perfect time to begin, and this video will give you the insight you need to create a YouTube channel for your business.

This is quick and easy to do and will allow you to share content with subscribers. Read below, along with the video content, for a clear step-by-step.

Step 1: Go to Google, type in, or type it into your URL bar.

Step 2: Log into YouTube with a Google account that is associated with your business.

Step 3: Once you are logged in, go to the upper right-hand corner of YouTube and click on the icon with a letter in it.

Step 4: Once you click on that icon, you will see a button that says "Create a Channel" click on that.

Step 5: A page will pop up, and it will say "Get Started" click that.

Step 6: Another page will pop up where you can choose the name of your channel. If you're okay with the name that YouTube came up with, you can click that or the customize button and type your name in.

Step 7: If you click customize, type in the name you wish and click the box allowing YouTube to create the channel. Then just press create.

Step 8: A new page will tell you that you successfully created a channel.

Step 9: All that is left to do is choose a photo for your profile picture; I recommend choosing a logo or something that represents your business well. Then you can go and type out a description and add links to your website and social media handles.

Then you're done. Congrats, you have created a YouTube channel for your business! If you have any issues, let us know if you need help.


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