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How to Market for your Home Cleaning Business

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

There are so many things you are thinking about as you run your house cleaning business. Not to pile on but marketing should be one of your top 3 items to prioritize.

Home Cleaning Ads - Marketing
Home Cleaning Ads - Marketing

Here are some pointers when it comes to marketing your home cleaning business online.

Create a website that will create conversions. What is a conversion, you might ask? It is anything a user does that is the first step in doing business with you. That could be a call, contact form, booking an appointment, subscribing to your blog, Liking your Facebook Page. Anything you choose to designate as a conversion needs to be tracked to see the origins of the user’s online path.

Next, is to be found on Page One of Google. There are a few ways to do this, the first will take longer than you expect. Update all of the SEO Tags on each page of your website. Use only one focus keyword for each page. To expand the keywords you can target by starting a blog.

In addition, verifying your Google My Business listing will start building the credibility your business needs in Google’s eyes. Optimize the listing with as much detail as possible, and fill it with photos. As you get new clients ask them to write a review on your Google listing. Your star rating is a big factor in ranking on Google.

Google - Top of Google - Google Ads
Google - Top of Google - Google Ads

Using paid ads, such as Google Ads will save you time however it will cost money. The benefits of Google Ads can make a huge change in the growth of your business. Learn more about using Google Ads here.

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Offering home services makes you a lucky business that can apply to use Local Services Ads. There are a few hoops you need to jump through first. A required owner’s personal background check, a copy of your business license (if needed in your area), and a copy of your general liability insurance policy.

This type of advertising is set as a pay per lead strategy. That allows you to track your calls and mark them as a booked call. A recording of the call is available to review the quality and result of the call.

Google - Google Ads - Paid Ads
Google - Google Ads - Paid Ads

Keeping your reviews coming. Reviews are the word of mouth on the internet. The things your customers say about your business is how other potential customers will see your business before they even call you. Keep a close eye on your reviews and always respond.

Star Rating - Business Rating
Star Rating - Business Rating

Image Source: https://www.brightlocal.com/learn/local-consumer-review-survey/

If you need help growing your house cleaning services business online. KaeRae Marketing helps businesses like yours create a customized marketing strategy that specifically fits your industry, budget, and goals.

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