How To: Share Access to a YouTube Channel.

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Creating content for a YouTube channel can be challenging sometimes. By giving someone who can help manage your businesses YouTube Channel it can take a tremendous amount of pressure off your plate.

Check out our How To Share Access to a YouTube Channel video for an easy explanation of how to give people access to help manage content.

Here are the simple steps if you do not want to watch the video:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click on your account icon on the top right hand side.

Step 3: Click on "Your Channel."

Step 4: On the right hand side click the "YouTube Studio" button.

Step 5: On the left hand side click "Settings."

Step 6: Click "Permissions" This will be a list of all the people that have access to your YouTube channel.

Step 7: On the top right hand side click "Invite."

Step 8: Type in the persons email address.

Step 9: Select the permission that you want to give them: Manager, Editor, Viewer, or Viewer (limited). Each of the descriptions are bellow the title when selecting what access to grant them.

Step 10: Press Done. This will send an invite to their email that they need to accept. They need to have a google account or they need to have a YouTube Channel already in order to be granted access to your channel.

Then you're done. Congrats, you have learned how to share access to your YouTube Channel! If you had any issues, let us know if you need help.

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