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Updated: Mar 10

Conversions - Google Analytics - Google Ads

Our main focus in Google Ads is to generate as many conversions as possible. Now what is a conversion, you might ask. You hear this word thrown around a lot in marketing and advertising.

A conversion is anything a user does that is valuable to your business. That could be a phone call, a contact form filled, a new subscriber, online booking, or a purchase on your site. The important thing is it is an action that is done on your website that can be tracked.

You can learn more about setting up conversions on your website with Google Analytics. Read the post here.

Using your tracked conversions in Google Analytics can help your Google Ads campaign focus on getting more conversions.

Impressions are nice. Clicks are good. But conversions are amazing!

This is the real goal for any business marketing, is generating high-quality conversions.

Google Ads is a powerful system and can use its data to get you the results you are looking for. But you must link your Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts together in order for this to happen. Learn how to link your accounts together in this post.

Importing your conversions into Google Ads can be a game-changer for campaign performance.

Let’s get right to it. Start by going into your Google Ads account.

Click on Tools & Settings at the top. Under Measurement, choose Conversions.

Google Ads - Google Ads Account

On the Conversions page, select the blue plus sign button.


You will be given four options to add a new conversion. You can hover over each option to see the description. Since we have already set up the conversions in Google Analytics, the simplest solution is to just Import them.

Tracking Conversions

Once you click on Import. Another box will pop up under this to choose what you want an account to import.

Choice the first option, Google Analytics. Then click Continue.

Google Analytics - Google

You will see all of the conversions you are tracking in your Google Analytics account. You can select the conversions that you want to get from your Google Ads campaign. You do not need to import them all if you are tracking those actions for other reasons.

Once you select the conversions (also known as goals in GA). You can click on the Import and Continue button.

You will be able to return to this page and view the conversions that have been tracked. Be sure to check back in on your account to ensure they are tracking properly.

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