Link your Analytics and Google Ads together

Updated: Mar 14

By: Kelsey “KaeRae” Flannery

This post could be one of the most important lessons to learn in using Google Ads. The insight you receive when linking your Google Analytics account with your Google Ads. You would not believe how your campaign will grow and succeed.

You need to have a Google Analytics account created and set up on your website. Watch this video to walk you through how to create a new Google Analytics account.

Now that you have both an Analytics and Google Ads account created. We need to connect them together. This will allow you to see the data from Analytics in your Google Ads account and vise versa.

Start by going to Google Analytics. Note you must have access to both accounts with the same Gmail.

Click on Admin in the bottom left corner.

Under the Property column (in the middle), you can see Google Ads Linking.

Click on the red button.

All of the Google Ads account you have access to will show up here to Select the account you want to link.

Select one and click Continue.

You must turn on All Web Site Data before the information will be shared.

Linking Google Accounts

Lastly, click on the Link accounts button.

Now you are not done, you need to verify the connection in your Google Ads account. Go there next.

Click on Tools & Settings at the top, and under set up choose Linked Accounts.

Linked Accounts

Another way to get to verify the linked account status. I use the Search bar and search “linked”.

Next, you will see all of the options to link accounts with your Google Ads. The first option is Google Analytics. Click on Details to continue.

Make sure that your Google Optimize sharing is turned on. This is very important.

Google Optimize - Turned On

Since you started in Google Analytics, you will see that your account is already linked.

Linked - Google - Google Analytics

To verify that your account is completely synced. Click on the “1 view” to see if both toggles are on, see the example below.

Google Ads - Linked

Finally, click “Save”.

You have completed the connection of your Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts.

To see this information you can add columns to your Google Ads account to see the analytical data for each of your campaigns, ad groups, keywords, or ads.

Just below the line graph showing your campaign clicks vs impressions over the past 30 days. You will click on Columns.

You can select any metric you want to see in each section of your Google Ads dashboard.

To the right, you will see the selected column metrics you will see when you hit apply.

Google - Google Tools - Google Metrics

My traditional set of columns includes

Clicks - Impressions - CTR (click through rate) - Avg. CPC (cost per click) - Cost

In addition to those columns, I add in my Google Analytics columns. Which includes Bounce Rate - Pages/Session / Avg. Session Duration - % New Sessions.

This information can tell you how well your campaign is performing on the website, without having to go into your Analytics account.

Google - Google Campaigns

Learn more about the Google Ads Management we offer, here.

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