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Updated: Mar 1

When was the last time you looked at your website analytics data? Honestly, it should be reviewed every 30 days. Even more frequently if you have a sale or promotion going on.

Google Analytics - Google Ads - Google Expert

If you have studied your Google Analytics data you will find a lot of information that can help you direct your marketing in a successful direction. I will explain the different metrics to look at in Google Analytics.

Where are they coming from?

Where people come from to find your business website is an essential piece of information. This will give you insight into what online marketing platform is bringing you the most business. You can then put more focus on that source of new people.

You can find this section of your Google Analytics by searching in the search bar at the top: "Source/Medium". This can also be found under the Acquisition Tab > All Traffic > Source/Medium.

You can see below that for each source of traffic you can learn a lot about the traffic quality. Notice the time spent on the site, also known as avg. session duration.

Google Analytics - Understanding - Google Tools

Do people like each page?

The next section of Analytics I want to show you is the data collected for each page on your website. You will see what page on your website is being visited the most and how they liked it.

In this section you can see the total page views and then unique page views is a user that has not seen that page before. I like to pay attention to how many people entered my website on that page and what percentage of them exited on that page. If they left on a key page that is not converting, that is where you want to start when optimizing your website.

Where do they live?

Not specifically, where they live, like their address or anything. But Google Analytics tracks the users general location based on their IP connection. This can show you which city is looking for your business the most.

To find this, search "location" in the top search bar. Or you can go to the Audience Tab > Geo > Location. Use this information when choose a second location, SEO strategizing, or when targeting your Facebook Ads.

Mobile or Desktop?

Mobile usage has increase so much over the last decade. Most websites are mobile friendly, but if you view your device section of Analytics. It may bring your attention to your mobile website and how well it performs.

Search "mobile" and choose "Mobile / Overview". You can find this under the Audience tab. Find out how long your desktop users stay compared to your mobile users.

Conversions or Goals?

Now this is a biggie, make sure you set up your conversions on your Google Analytics account. This will track key actions done by your visitors. Actions that you deem valuable, such as requesting a quote, contacting you, subscribing to your blog, or staying on your website a specific amount of time. You can view the conversions in all of the sections above. This will give you a clearer picture of what sources convert, what page converts, what city converts, and what device converts. That is endgame, knowing how to get more conversions, more leads, more customers, more revenue!

Audience Demographics

Wouldn't you like to know what the general demographics of your website visitors are. Well you can! You need to turn on this feature in order to start gathering the data. Go to Audience > Demographics > Overview.

This data is generalized by Google, basing it on their Gmail account, websites viewed and search history. You will learn what age and gender your visitors are.

Be sure to take notice of what your Google Analytics data and audience are telling you. Listen up and grow your business!

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