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Mobile Looks Good on You

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Have you thought to look at your business on your mobile device? You should go check yourself out right now. (Wink, wink lol)


Google Ads - Google Expert - Google Marketing - Mobile Marketing
Google Ads - Google Expert - Google Marketing - Mobile Marketing

After a study was done by Stone Temple Consulting reviewing the year over year changes in the mobile online traffic behaviors. 

The study was "based on 0.9 trillion 2016 visits. based on 1.0 trillion 2017 visits. and based on 0.9 trillion 2018 visits." -Stone Temple

In 2016, there was a tracked average of 57% using mobile to view the internet. And 43% using a desktop device.

In 2017, had a big change and there was a large increase for mobile traffic, reaching 63% of users on their mobile. With only 37% on their desktop. 

Finally, that brings us to 2018 and things have increased for those mobile users. That has become a much bigger source of traffic to the websites used in the study done by Stone Temple Consulting. 

There is a lot of data that is showing that mobile traffic is beginning to grow at a steady rate.

Ensuring that your business has a great reputation for mobile users. Being easy to find, simple to use, and quick to load. 

Mobile users are notoriously impatient. You have a max of 5 seconds to load your website if it doesn't that user is already gone. 👋🏻

Get your phone out and look for your business, judge your business like you were a customer. 

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