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Negative Keywords can Change your Google Ads Campaign

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Keywords - Google - Google Ads
Keywords - Google - Google Ads

Just as your keyword list and research should be one of the first steps you take into creating your Google Ads campaign. A negative keyword list should be not far behind.

What is a negative keyword?

It has the same purpose as a regular keyword, however, you want to use a negative keyword to avoid searches that include that word or phrase.

The negative keywords should help you tighten up your ad spend budget, and only receive clicks from users that are specifically looking for your business services or products.

Focus on your keyword list to expand the number of impressions your ads can get, but don't get too greedy. The more clicks you get doesn't mean they are all going to convert into a lead or a call. Your budget will run out quickly and increasing your ad spend will be necessary.

Ideally, you will have 15-20 top-performing keywords that you will want to put your attention on while creating new ad copy.

Use the Search Term Report when trying to expand your keyword list and your negative keyword list.

Let me give you an example of an effective Negative Keyword.

If I provide honest and quality auto repair services, such as oil changes. I would consider adding "cheap" to the list of negative keywords in my Google Ads account.

The reason I would want to avoid searches that include the word "cheap" is that those users are searching solely based on cost. I cannot compete with franchise businesses that offer 'cheap' services.

I am looking for users that want an honest and reliable mechanic that can become a life-long customer. Now the clicks I pay for from more relevant users, I will receive a much higher return on my investment to Google Ads.

The life-long customer value is much higher than the $10 I paid for the click.

Negative keywords can be great assistance in improving the quality of leads and clicks you get from a Google Ads campaign.

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