Say more with your Ads

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Adding more into your ads, will always help you get an increase in your CTR %. For those that don't know what CTR % is, simply put it is the ratio of how many clicks you receive to how many times your ad was seen (impressions). This ratio will give you a clear indication if your ads are catching the attention of the search user.

Some averages to keep in mind while editing your ads, looking to increase your CTR %. For those that are just starting out, you want to shoot for a 1.00% CTR. You want to use this average for understanding the performance of keywords and ads, as well as campaigns and ad groups.

If you are looking to step your game up, shoot for a 2.00%, if you reach anything over that you are doing excellent. I would suggest that you do not change a thing if you are performing at this level. Things are working wonderfully.

But how can you make changes to your ads to help increase this percentage?

Let's break down all of the different aspects of a Google AdWords Search Text Ad.

Google Ads - Google Ads Expert
Google Ads - Google Ads Expert

Above is the standard text ad layout. The new title line allows you to have two titles with 30 characters each. Your domain will be shown and you have a total of 80 characters for the description of your services or products.

But once you have used all of those characters, and you still have more to say. Where can you add other things about your business?

This is where ad extensions come in, they are no extra cost to use these features. In fact, it is encouraged that you use all possible ad extensions in your campaign.

To explain each ad extension, let's start with callout extensions. This is the extension I like to call "your bragging rights". You can add as many callout extensions as you would like. Google will cycle through them and show the options that have the most relevancy to the ad and performs well. You have up to 25 characters per callout, keep it short and sweet. Use this area to share additional information you want the user to know about your business before they get to your website.

Google Ads - Google Ads Manager
Google Ads - Google Ads Manager

Next up is, your business details. Setting up your ad to show your phone number, location address and your business operating hours. All of these extensions are essential to providing your audience with all of the information they need to know.