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Updated: Feb 26

Google Ad - Google Ad Copy

Creating an ad that can speak right to your ideal consumer should be a big to do on your list.

Understanding your ideal target audience is your first step to knowing how to properly engage their attention on Google.

Next would be knowing your top 5 essential keywords that your audience would search when looking for you. Keeping these phrases in mind while writing your ads will improve your Ad Rank.

When creating a Search Ad, it will contain a heading, a link to your website, and a short description of the services or product you are promoting.

With new updates to Google, they have two headlines in search ads. The headlines, needs to be eye-catching with a "call-to-action" phrase that describes your business or product. Don't forget to include your keywords. You will only have 30 characters to work with in each headline. Suggest that the first headline is your business name.

Your chosen landing page for the designated ad, should be directly related to the topic of the ad. Double check to make sure the link is live and properly working.

Lastly, the description. This is where you can get creative. The ad copy will be where you describe the promotional offer or details of your services and why to choose you. Choose your words wisely you have a total of 80 characters to use.

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