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Stop using Google Ads Express, right meow! 😼

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

If you have heard of Google AdWords, you might not have heard of AdWords Express. Or you might have assumed they are the same thing. Do not make that assumption.

Google AdWords is precise, exact, can pinpoint your ideal consumer online within the Google Search and Display Networks.

Google AdWords Express is much different. It was made for small business owners that want to do some sort of paid per click campaign to improve their business' online exposure.

But with the simpler dashboard comes with some flaws. Let's review the benefits of Express and some of its pit falls to look out for.

Google Ads - Google Adwords - Good Express
Google Adwords - Google Ads

The benefits of AdWords Express are

It is very easy to use, the dashboard of Express is very simple that it can be picked up and navigated within a few hours. You may require a few YouTube video tutorials to assist you if you are lacking in marketing experience.

AdWords Express offers you a lot of suggestions and guides you through the entire process of creating your campaign. They automatically target your audience that is geographically near your location.

Your keyword lists are made very elementary where Google will automatically place your ad based on category selection and ensure that your ads are being displayed when relevant. (blog.hubspot.com)

On the other side, what are some of the downfalls of using AdWords Express.

It maybe easy to use, but when simplifying something like Google AdWord that is so complex. You loose a lot of the specific precise targeting components.

For instance, you shouldn't just agree to Google’s suggested budget; instead, you should decide yourself what you’d like to spend and, more importantly, conduct some research about your vertical to identify what an appropriate budget looks like on a monthly basis. (blog.hubspot.com)

One of the scariest things I find in AdWords Express is that you do not have control over your keywords. You choose a category that your business fits into. But be very careful because what if Google optimizes your campaign with search queries that your business does not offer. Your budget will be getting used for leads that you cannot work with.

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