Targeting Your Audience Geographically

Updated: Mar 14

Location - Location - Location

Finding your audience where they are located physically will give you the ability to pinpoint where you want to do business.

For example, if you are a service-based business that needs to go to the customer's home to complete the service. Then deciding where you want to service is important. Avoiding wasted time driving all over the city.

In Google Ads, you can specifically show your ads to users that are located in or searching about your service area.

Pro Tip: avoid using the setting to target users searching for your area. Those users are normally not your ideal customer. View the setting preferences below.

Location Options - Google Ads

Don't know where your customers are located? Use your Google Analytics to find the areas your existing website visitors are located when they come to your site.

Log into your Analytics account at

Find the data you need from Audience > Geo > Location

You will find in this section of Google Analytics, listed by Country, State, and City. Showing the users, sessions, and quality of traffic engagement.

Use the duration of time spent on your site and the average pages per session as your guide to finding the best locations to target.

Benchmarks to look for are over 1 minute on your site and above a 2.5 page per session average.

Another Tip would be to set up your conversions on Google Tag Manager to find the location that has the most conversions.

The more specifically you target your Google Ads to higher-quality audiences, the better the results.

There are a few ways you can target your ad's location.

First, you can start by searching for the city, town, county, state, country, or zip code. There is no limit to the number of areas you can target.


The second option is targeting an area with a radius around. You can do this around an address, city, town, zip code, etc. Same as above. This gives the opportunity to target with more aggressiveness closer to your location vs farther away.


With the options to target your audience, there is a feature in Google Ads that allows you to exclude areas the same way you want to target them. I always use the exclude locations settings in my campaigns to avoid unwanted clicks.

Search for the location you want to exclude, and click on 'Exclude' instead of 'Target'.

Target Area

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