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The Different Types of Keyword Match Types in Google Ads

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

KaeRae Marketing - Google Ads - Keywords
KaeRae Marketing - Google Ads - Keywords

Targeting keywords the right way can save you a ton of time and money.

If you are managing your own campaign, consider connecting with a certified Google Ads expert. They will be able to create a customized campaign to deliver on your goals.

One of the biggest mistakes I see when I go into a client's Google Ads campaign they have been managing themselves. The keyword targeting is all broad.

Let me explain, there are three keyword match types to use in Google Ads. They all do different things when showing your ad to a specific keyword search.

The first keyword match type of keyword targeting is broad match. This will be set up in your Google Ads campaign.

Google Ad Management - Google Ads
Google Ad Management - Google Ads

The broad match type will allow any of the words in your keyword to trigger one of your ads. This is the broadest way to target your audience searches.

The problem with this type of keyword match type is that you may get a lot of low-quality and unrelated clicks on your ads. You will spend money, without seeing the results.

The next match type is known as "phrase match". This includes formating the keywords with quotations before and after the whole search query. See below how it will look like in Google Ads.

Google Ads Management - Phrase Match
Google Ads Management - Phrase Match

Phrase match is the most versatile match type to use and see success. Your ad will be triggered if your keyword is searched. But there can be other words before or after in the users' full search.

Using phrase match, Google tracks all of the other full long-tail keywords the user actually searched and triggered your ad. This way you can continue to grow your keyword list, based on real keyword searches that already got you a click.

Lastly, there is [exact match], this is used by adding a bracket on either side of your keyword. This is how you will see it in Google Ads.

Google Ads Management - Exact Match
Google Ads Management - Exact Match

Exact match will be used when you find the perfect keyword. You see a ton of traffic or a lot of conversion coming from these top keywords. Start to use the exact match type.

This match type means that the users' search must be exactly what your keyword is. There cannot be anything else in the search.

My recommendation would be to test each of these types of match types for your top keywords. Based on the performance of each, create customized ads to match the keyword chosen. Google loves consistency, the more they see your keywords in your ad and landing page the better your ad rank and quality scores will be.

If you have any questions about Google Ads or your keyword match types, feel free to schedule a Free Consultation Call to discuss your business is available to book online here.

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