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Transparent Ad Spend Budget Policy

Updated: Jan 29

At KaeRae Marketing we pride ourselves in being honest and transparent with all of our clients.

A big focus for us is to make sure you are fully aware of how much your business will spend on advertising clicks.

We provide a recommended budget for the types of goals you set for your business marketing. The recommendation is based on getting that goal reached within 3 months.

But the ultimate decision of how much your ad spend budget will be is left up to the client.

Each month we review the total amount and how many leads or calls you received from that total spent.

We can adjust the marketing budget at any time, we enjoy testing the market with your ads, and finding the ultimate sweet spot of reasonable cost per conversion and attracting only quality leads to your ads.

In addition to being upfront about the total and the recommended budget to reach your goals. We do things a bit differently than other ad agencies.

We set up your billing payment option directly with Google. This way you are billed directly from them.

There are no additional fees, or percentages of your ad spend towards your management fees.

We want you to know the management fee is a flat rate and doesn’t change if you change your budget.

KaeRae Marketing - Ad Spend - Marketing Budget
KaeRae Marketing - Ad Spend - Marketing Budget

We encourage you to use the money you have for the budget for your ads.

Other clients have always told us how confused they were when they asked their old marketing partners, “how much do we spend on Google Ads?”

And most times the marketing company would say “that is complicated, it is allocated to all the campaigns…”

We don’t complicate it. We keep it simple and straightforward.

Learn more about the Google Ads Management we offer, here.

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