Trying to Avoid the Panic

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

To every business owner that is being hit hard by the COVID-19 panic. There is always hope for everything to come back after this pandemic. You can continue to focus on your business while you are stuck at home.

Panic - Marketing Partner
Panic - Marketing Partner

Things you can do to for your business while at home:

1. Adapt

Is there a way your business can be transformed to be virtual and available to bring in revenue to those customers over the web. This will reduce some of your overhead costs to virtualize your services.

2. Analyze

When was the last time you reviewed your business finances, marketing plan, and reports, social media posting quality, and engagement?

3. Join the Conversation

Literally everyone on the planet is talking about COVID-19 (also known as the Corona Virus). So get involved in the online discussions about how it is affecting you and your business. Use this opportunity to connect with new people that are worried. You can always start a blog on your business website to start sharing your experiences.

4. Teach yourself new skills

If you have the time to binge-watch a whole season of a Netflix show. You have time to watch a Ted Talk that may alter your perspective or create a new idea. This one is my all-time favorite Ted Talk. How great leaders inspire action | Simon Sinek

There are many other things you can learn online that will benefit you as a business owner. offers online courses for popular tools for businesses.

5. Self Care

This may be something new to you, because like myself I always put my clients and my business before my personal needs. That has changed in the last year, I have put my self-care routine to the forefront of my day and life. This has transformed my daily stress and mindset to prioritize better and be a better me. See my self-care routine in this post.

6. Spring Cleaning

Take advantage of the extra helpers you may have at home with you to clean out the clutter of your home or business. Find items and clothes you haven't used in a long time and prepare them for dontating. Now is the time to find a way you can help those that may need it.

7. Create a Video

Video content for your business will always be the best recommendation from a marketer. You can tell your story authentically and people will stop and listen more often than a photo. Be real and tell your truth, that is what everyone wants to hear. You can also ask for