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Varying Keyword Prices

Keywords that cost more are much more competitive. This means more people are bidding on those particular keywords because they generate more business. Other things that tend to have a higher conversion rate that drives up a higher bid include specific keywords, keywords that suggest an immediate conversion, and keywords that can gain a lifetime customer.

Specific Keywords

General keywords will likely be searched more and also have more search results. Specific keywords typically display fewer results which means a higher likelihood of your ad popping up. A higher probability of your ad being seen brings a higher likelihood of your ad creating a conversion, which makes it more valuable.

Immediate Conversion

Searches that more urgent typically lead to a high price tag as well. An example is a 24 HVAC maintenance is presumably being searched by someone that needs help with their heating or cooling now and is not wanting to shop around.

Lifetime Customer

Certain keywords can mean the potential for a repeat and hopefully a lifetime customer. An example of this could be a search for "Best Mexican food in Denver, CO." Assuming they visit the restaurant, there is a strong possibility of them visiting again.

Thankfully, not all keywords are quite so expensive. Keywords that cost less are not as competitive, and not as many people are bidding on them. It is that the average cost per click is between $1 - $2.

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