Weekly Maintenance for Google Ads Campaign

Updated: Mar 10

By: Kelsey “KaeRae” Flannery

Here is what I do when I am conducting my weekly maintenance check in all of the Google Ads campaigns I manage.

I recommend reviewing your active Google Ads account once a week. If you have a budget that is higher than $100 a day, you should check on it daily.

The first thing I look at when I get into my Google Ads account is the total number of conversions that happened in the last 14 days.

Now before you ask, what is a conversion? Everyone asks this question. A conversion is any action of value to your business. This can be a phone call, a contact form, an online booking or purchase, or a new subscriber. You get to decide what matters to your business. But I highly recommend tracking all of those actions either way.

You need to start in Google Analytics and set up all of these conversions, also known as “goals”. Learn how to track your conversions in this blog post.

Now that your conversions are tracking, you can import them into your Google Ads account. After linking your Google Analytics and Google Ads account together. Learn how here.

Using a conversion-focused strategy, that will increase the number of valuable actions for your business. That is when you can start to use the Google Ads system to really do the work for you.

Do you currently have a Google Ads account that is running but not seeing many conversions? KaeRae Marketing offers a Google Ads Audit for just $100. Find out what is really happening in your campaigns.

Learn more about the Google Ads Management we offer, here.

Free Consultation Call to discuss your business is available to book online here, with KaeRae herself.

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