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Where is Your Business on Google?

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Straight up, do you know where your business is on Google? If you don't you should find out. And you will in this post, I will discuss how you can find out how well you are ranking on Google.

What do you need to do first? Do a direct search for your business name. What do you find?

Google Ads Expert - Google Ads Certified - Google Ads Manager
Google Ads Expert - Google Ads Certified - Google Ads Manager

If you do not find anything for your own business name search, you have a long road ahead of you. Get started with a Google My Business listing, a website, and a social media profile. That will fill in your search, when someone is looking for you.

Already have all those things set up for yourself? Good for you! But how can you find out how well your website is ranking for those keywords you want to be competing for.

The next question is, what are you top 10 keywords? Download this worksheet to start this list for your business.

Once you have prioritized your keyword list, then simply search those keywords into Google. Look through the first page of Google, if you do not see your website, facebook, or any listing for your business. You need to put more focus on your website SEO strategies.

Another option for you to check all of your keywords at the same time. Visit smallseotools.com/keyword-position/ to start your ranking analysis.

There are many different factors to getting your business and website ranking higher. In another post we discuss a few SEO factors for your business.

Another factor you can take action on is your business listing consistency. Google is looking for the most up to date and accurate information for their users. So they send out bots to look on other websites for your business information, if they find different information for your business Google will decrease your rank based on inconsistency.

You can create, verify, and optimize all of the 100s of websites Google checks. By setting your business up on Yext. Start by doing a scan for your business on www.yext.com.

Google Ads Expert - Google Ads Certified - Google Ads Manager - SEO
Google Ads Expert - Google Ads Certified - Google Ads Manager - SEO

Mastering the art of getting to the top of Google can take years.

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