Where Your Visitors are Located πŸ“

Finding where your customers are located can help you target your advertising more effectively.

Being able to target specific cities and zip codes of your overall target audience. It allows you to be where they are when they look for you.

If you blanket the entire United States with advertising or organic efforts you will need a large budget. But if you target your top 5 major cities you will see better success for the same ad spend budget.

Now how do you find out where your visitors are located? You can always decide ideally where you want to target to have the best customers based on your services or products.

But if you want to see where your already existing customers are coming from. You can find that information on your Google Analytics.

This geographic location targeting is tracked when a user visits your website and the Analytics tracking can use the IP address of the user to determine the general area based on their device and internet connection.

If you already have Google Analytics set up on your website, you can go to your dashboard and find the results you are looking for. Here are the detailed instructions, below.

Login to your Google Analytics > https://analytics.google.com/

In the left side tab bar start under the

>Audience tab

> Geo

> Location

You can also take a short cut and use the Search Bar at the top: "location"

Once you land on the Location page of the dashboard. It starts out by showing you the breakdown by Country.

You have the option under Primary Dimension to break it down by City.

Or click on the country you want to view the city breakdown for.

The recommendation is to target your advertising campaigns to the top 5 major cities you see coming to your website.

An even better recommendation is to target the top 5 cities that convert the most on your website.

If you are interested in a Free Analysis of your business' online presence, learn more here.

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