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Who Loves Google? I Know I Do!

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Google Ads - Google AdWords - Google Expert
Google Ads - Google AdWords - Google Expert

Google is the biggest search engine known to man. There are so many great products and benefits that Google offers. To give you a bit of background on Google. It was born September 4, 1998, which makes the company 20 years old.

Since the beginning Google has continued to redefine the internet for us. They make it better and better. Providing its users with the most up to date and accurate information. Conducting our ever search in under 1 second.

We all use Google personally, but what are the perks of using Google for your business? Let me explain.

Using Google for your business is a must. If it is not just to be found by new customers on Google with your free Google My Business listing or using a free Gmail account to communicate. But there are so many things that Google offers.

I am going to break this down for you simply and prioritize the tools Google offers.

#1 - Starting with a Gmail. Having an email address that is easy for your customers to remember and communicate with you. Google protects your email from viruses by scanning every email and attachment. Gmail is one of the most trusted email systems you can use. Get your free gmail account here.

When you sign up for a Gmail account, you also get a few other perks which includes Google Drive, Google Calendar, YouTube channel, and Google Photos. Theses are all free for you in each of your Gmail accounts.

#2 - I want to elaborate on Google Drive. This can be a resource you while working with your staff, accountant, & marketing consultants. This gives you the opportunity to create and share documents with other people. The editing is visible to all shared users at real time. You can also share PDFs, videos, pictures, & your logo. Check out your Google Drive at drive.google.com.

#3 - Next you must check out Google My Business. To be found on Google when someone searches for you, you need a couple things to be found. First is a Google My Business (GMB) listing. This is going to show your business with all of your important info, phone #, website, address, hours of operation and your customer reviews. If you did not create this for your business, you need to go to www.google.com/business to create it now. If you find that it is already created but you didn't do it. Then you need to verify the listing, this will then give you access to update the information and see the insight data. The second thing you need to be found on Google is a website. Read more about Why you need a website.

Google Ads - Google AdWords - Google Expert

#4 - Then there is Google Analytics. To know what type of traffic is visiting your website, you can add Google Analytics to your website as tracking. This again is free to use. I strongly recommend that you implement this on to your website immediately. You are missing out on valuable information for your business. Read more in our post: Google Analytics has a lot to say, are you listening?

#5 - Lastly, is YouTube. You know that you get a free YouTube channel when you sign up for a Gmail. As a business owner you need to start thinking VIDEOS, VIDEOS, & MORE VIDEOS. Creating videos for your business is the best way to get engagement. You can use another free tool for iPhone users, called iMovie. That allows you to edit your videos quickly and easily on your phone. Once you create the video upload it to your YouTube channel, your Facebook page, and your website.

Keep getting honest insight from a Google expert on everything you need to know Google in our blog posts.

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