Why Do You Need Search Console

I am sure you have heard of Google Search Console, but have not had the chance to use it. Or know what you would use it for anyway.

Well, Search Console is another free tool Google offers to website owners. This is a tool that tracks your organic search results.

Once your website is verified that you view the list of search queries that users have searched.

View this data collected under the Performance tab on the left of the Search Console dashboard.

You will see the total number of impressions being the total times your website link was visible in a Google search.

The total number of clicks is those users that clicked on your website, from an organic link.

The CTR is the Click Through Rate, giving you the percentage that your website was clicked to how many times it was seen. A good goal to shoot for is 1%.

Lastly, you can see the average position your website is getting ranked for each keyword.

This information can dramatically impact your SEO strategy. Use the most keyword searches that have the most impressions to focus on your website. Create a new page or blog post that focuses specifically on that search query. You already know that people are searching for you.

If you are looking for more SEO tactics and recommendations for your business, contact us.

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