Why your Landing Page is So Important (especially when relating to your Google Ads)

Updated: Mar 15

The landing page for your Google Ads campaign is a large component that will give the success of your ad. There are a few different ways you can go when choosing a landing page for your ads.

But let me share a quick pro-tip, you should select the landing page for an ad with your keyword and customer in mind. Send the user to the page that is most relevant to the keyword they searched. Do not use your home page as your landing page, unless it is for a branding ad.

You can choose to use a page that already exists on your website or you can create a customized landing page for your ad campaign.

Google wants to see consistency, they look for the keyword you want to show for in your ad copy language as well as your landing page. If they don't see the keyword on your page you will receive a lower ad rank.

I recommend using Google Analytics to determine the best landing pages on your website. The page that receives the longest session duration or the page that converts at the highest rate would be your best first choice.

Testing different landing pages for the same ad is a great way to find the best choice for Google Ads ad rank algorithm and your customers.

KaeRae Marketing - Google Ads
KaeRae Marketing - Google Ads

If you choose to create a new landing page for your ad, do so with intention. Be sure to focus on keywords that are getting the most traffic and include them in the page content.

To share a few additional things to keep in mind while designing new landing pages. You should keep it simple and short. Overloading your page with too much text to read, the user might get overwhelmed and leave quickly.

Video content is a great way to capture their attention quickly. But the big thing to remember is the goal of the page. Present your conversion right away. What I mean is, do not hide what you want the user to do.

If you want their email address, create a pop up to ask for it. You can offer something in return or just as a subscriber to stay updated. There are many different ways to get the user engaged with your site. But choosing those ways to interact needs to be with an end goal (ie. capturing an email address).

DO NOT PUT YOUR CONVERSION AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE. Some of your visitors won't make it that far.

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