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Remarketing is just what it sounds like—a form of advertising online that targets people who have already visited your website.  

The ads follow users on the Google Display Network, which is made up of over two million websites, and visitor behavior is tracked to tell you how well your website is performing. 

How This Works

It's easy.  Google Remarketing is used by tagging your website with bits of code that add visitors to your site to your remarketing campaign.  

You can customize your remarketing code for different parts of your site.  This makes your remarketing even more accurate.  Customizing your remarketing tags also helps to guide new searchers to your website or a particular page in your website. 

kaeae marketing - remarketing ads

You will start to see these ads following you

kaeae marketing - remarketing ads
kaeae marketing - remarketing ads
kaeae marketing - remarketing ads

What else does Google Remarketing do?

  • Google Remarketing keeps you at the front of your visitors’ minds and creates additional touchpoints.

  • Internet users see your ads in whatever form is most effective.  This could be in a YouTube video, a sidebar, banner ad, image-based Facebook ad, and more.  

  • Effective use of Google Remarketing creates less ad fatigue.  

  • Staying up to date on your tags and keywords lets Google Remarketing have an even greater impact on your conversion rates.  

  • The small cost of using Google Remarketing makes the ROI even more remarkable.  

  • Creative ad design paired with targeted remarketing improves your brand, generating more sales and positive reviews.  

  • Google Remarketing becomes more effective over time.  You can even create different remarketing lists to create ads closely targeted at segments of your market. 

kaeae marketing - remarketing ads

 Learn More About Remarketing

Find out how to master Google

We’ll show you how to make your online marketing as effective as possible at all stages of the sales funnel.  Google Remarketing is a tool you can count on to make your brand memorable.  

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