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There are hundreds of SEO tools you could use to get information about your online presence.  You’ll find different metrics depending on which ones you use, which influences the data and the output.  Some are paid, some are free.  It’s hard to know what to choose to get the best results/performance.  

Google Search Console does it all by showing you:

  • What search terms are being used to find you organically.

  • If people use those search terms but click on someone else’s site.  

  • What position your page ranks in, and whether it is consistent.  

  • What keywords you’re ranking for and in what position.

  • Ideas for new keywords to pursue.  

Google Search Console provides a close analysis of site traffic and lets you get creative with your ad copy and market flexibility.  This helps you plan out your marketing strategy into an effective battle plan to get ahead of your competition. 


All About Organic Traffic

What can you accomplish by using Google Search Console?  We’ll show you how to:


Find your best-performing keywords.  

Find your best and worst-performing web pages.  

Troubleshoot any errors with your website that Google alerts you of.

Pinpoint any issues with mobile performance.   

Perform reviews to stay up to date and spot trends.

Remove keywords that you don’t want to be used to find you.

Remove keywords you don’t need that are taking space away from effective keywords. 

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Find Out How to Master Google

We offer the knowledge business owners need to make expert use of Google Search Console as a part of their online marketing plan.  Let us guide you into the exciting possibilities this tool presents.   

Organic efforts need time to develop, but each keyword, blog post, and SEO campaign makes a difference.  

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These are commonly asked questions about Google Search Console.

What is Google Search Console?

This is a Google tool that allows you to measure your website's organic search traffic. View the overall performance, clicks, impressions & position data, fix any link issues and start seeing your website improve in Google Search organic results and ranking.

Why should I use Search Console?

Google Search Console can show you where your organic keyword ranking or page ranking could be improved. There are several ongoing SEO strategies you can manage to do on your own. An example would be to write a blog post every week about a specific keyword you need to improve your organic ranking for.

How does Search Console effect my SEO?

What can I learn from Google Search Console?

You can find how many clicks and impressions your website recieved for each keyword your website ranks for. The average position your website ranks is available too.

How do I verify my website with Search Console?

Begin by visiting Choose your website platform to view the instructions » WordPress » Wix » SquareSpace » GoDaddy » Shopify

What is a sitemap?

A site map is a list of pages of a web site within a domain. There are three primary kinds of site map: Site maps used during the planning of a Web site by its designers. Human-visible listings, typically hierarchical, of the pages on a site. Structured listings intended for web crawlers such as search engines. Source: