Facebook Advertising can be a powerful tool for your small business social media

Facebook Advertising can be a powerful tool for your small business social media

November 23, 2016

Everyone uses Facebook, everyday! For most people it is out of boredom or to find something cool or to see what their friends are up to. All of these reasons are easy ways to get your business in front of your existing or potential customers, in a unique way.


If you think that Facebook is not a good place to advertise your business, I am sorry but you are grossly mistaken. Here are some stats to help convince you.. FB gets 1.18 billion users daily. 66% of their monthly users report to use Facebook daily. There are so many potential customers on this one platform to increase your business substantially. 


Using Facebook as a regular user is much different than using this platform for advertising your business. There are many things you want to keep in mind. You do not want to over post, that is the easiest way to get users to UN-like your business page. Keep your posts on the topic of interesting things to know about your industry, services or products. Connect with the community and be apart of what is going on around your business.


The ability to also use Facebook to increase awareness of your business is a game changer. As a business owner you need to set goals, how do you want your new customers to contact you or learn more about your business. [This is where you want to review your Google Analytics data to learn how your visitors like to learn about you and how to keep their engagement.] Facebook is a great asset to many different types of businesses.


There are several different types of social media platforms, but you want to find ones to use that are going to be beneficial to your business. 


If you are interested in learning more view our website, and sign up for a free evaluation for your business. 






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