How to setup conversion tracking on Google Analytics

How to setup conversion tracking on Google Analytics

June 29, 2017

This will be a simple post, but essential to set up for your business website Google Analytics account. Getting your conversions tracking on your website from the get-go will share a lot of data tracking. And tell you what to optimize for better success on your site. 


Click the wheel in the bottom right corner, to view the Admin section of your account. 


In the third column, under View. You will see Goal that is where you want to go to set up your customized conversions. 



You will be able to set up to track a specific page on your website, such as your contact us page, or a lead generation form. 


A free tip for you, when designing your website -- set up a thank you page for when your lead form is completed, the user is sent to a new page. You will be able to track a completed form as a conversion on your Analytics by tracking the views to your 'thank you' page. Put a value to that page and you can determine how many new leads you are getting from specific marketing efforts. 


You are also able to set conversions for time spent on your website. you can expect that any users that are spending more than 3 minutes on your website is interested in your services or product. 


To track any other actions on your website, you will be required to use Google Tag Manager. If you are interested in learning more, click here




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