Structure your Google Ads Campaign, Like a Pro

Structure your Google Ads Campaign, Like a Pro

July 13, 2017

I have created over 200 Google AdWords campaign in the past 3 years. Many different businesses, goals, strategies, and successes. But I want to get right to the point, and show you what they all have in common. When getting started with AdWords, you will be thinking about a lot of things. What do I write in my ads? What keywords should I target? How much should I spend? Am I doing this right, at all?


If you have not studied for the AdWords certification exam, or have not done any research into the strategies behind Google AdWords. I suggest you call a professional and ask for their help! You will spend far too much money, with no results if you just dive in with your eyes closed. 


Google AdWords can be extremely successful for businesses, but they must be done right! Otherwise, it will be a complete waste of time, and efforts, and most importantly money. 


Getting started, you will want to really think about your business, the services or products, and your website. Review your website yourself on a desktop and a mobile device, even a tablet if you have one. Doing this puts you in your customers shoes, allowing you to think about what you (as the customer) wants. This way you will know what to say, what to search, and what additional information they may want. 


Remember to keep your campaign organized. And most importantly get comfortable with the AdWords dashboard. You will spend a lot of time in there, learn what hidden gems are available. There are several settings that are not easily found in the dashboard. Spend time clicking through the tabs and check out the sidebar options.


The organization of the campaign is very simple. 


When structuring your campaign, create a Search Campaign. This is showing your [text] ads on Google Search for specifically chosen keywords.  


In your Search Campaign, you will create a separate Ad Group for each service or product you plan to advertise. That Ad Group will contain Text Ads that are directly related to the topic of the Ad Group. You will then choose the Keywords that you think your consumers will search to find your business service or product. 


There are several other things that are factored into your Google AdWords campaign, such as geographic targeting, ad extensions, devices, ad schedule, and bidding. Those topics will be discussing in other blog posts. Subscribe to get our latest blog posts. 


Setting up your campaign like this will get you the results. Remember to pay attention to it, check on it at least once a week. You won't waste money if you watch it and adjust it. 


If you are interested in learning more view our website, and sign up for a free evaluation for your business. 



Kelsey Tamblin

Founder & CEO of KaeRae Marketing


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