Deep Dive into your Marketing

Deep Dive into your Marketing

February 14, 2019

When was the last time you reviewed your marketing plan and results? 


If you haven't looked over your 2018 marketing strategies and ROI, you could be starting 2019 with tactics that you should have left in 2018. 


Take the time out of your day to take a deep dive into your marketing. Your future self will thank you for it. 


First you want to start with a few questions about how your sales were last year. 

1. How many total customers did you work with? (both New and Repeating) 


2. What was your total sales revenue? 


3. How much did you spend on your marketing? (include EVERYTHING)

If you are looking for a marketing budget plan, download here


 4. What are your goals for next year? Answer this question after you have answered 1-3. 

Here is a goal setting questionnaire, start now



Now that you have perspective of what happened last year and what you want to happen this year, you can dive deep into how each different component of your marketing worked for you. 


Here is a video that will outline the different components of your full marketing plan. Use this marketing audit worksheet to determine if you are doing the best you can in each strategy of marketing. 




Stay tuned for more Honest Marketing advice, coming up is creating your own marketing plan. 























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