Social Media Expectations

Social Media Expectations

May 25, 2019


I like to be honest with my clients and the business owners I work with. Sharing the expectations for different marketing tactics with you before we get going to be on the same page. 


Social Media is a large broad place for marketing and advertising to take place. The worst thing you could do on social media is blanket your profiles with general posts that do not show the real side to you and your business. 


Social Media, on all platforms is used to connect with your customers, clients, and followers. The way you connect is to show in real time things that are happening in your business, people that make it possible, happy customers, and things happening in your community. 


By starting or joining in on the conversation your business can be known for other things in the community. And bring a positive light to your business. You are able to connect with new people that have similar ideals to yours and makes the conversation that much easier to start. 


Storytelling marketing can be a powerful thing on social media. People want to be in the know, showing your audience the story of your business in a unique way you will see great engagement. 





To get to the honest truth about social media marketing. You need to know that it is a place for branding and connecting with your audience. 


You should not expect to see a great deal of new leads or sales from your social media efforts. 





It does depend on the industry that will see an increase of new business by using social media, effectively. That does require daily posting and a great deal of content creation. 


Restaurants, bars, hair stylists, and more are examples of industries that do well using Social Media marketing.



If you have questions or want us to review your social media and share our recommendations. Contact Us






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