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Videos to help you edit on Wix

Use these videos to maintain and edit your Wix website yourself. This is a preferred marketing strategy. Keeping your business website fresh and active results in higher SEO rankings. Have Questions?

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Updated: 8.14.2019

Edit Wix Website Guide - KaeRae Marketing
Edit Wix Website Guide - KaeRae Marketing
Edit Wix Website Guide - KaeRae Marketing


Start by logging into your Wix account, this was provided to you via email by KaeRae Marketing. 

If you do not have this information, please contact me at


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Adding a new page can be done to create a new blank page to start from scratch. Or another option of duplicating another existing page on the website to have a similar design for the new page. This is helpful when adding a new service or product to your business and want to have consistency on your website.



The website hosting is a yearly cost for your website to remain active online. 

This video will show you how to ensure your website never goes down and is auto-renewed with an updated credit card.


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The editing taskbar allows you to add new features to your website pages. 

This video will go through all of the different add-ons you can use.

  • Add text (0:16)

  • Add image (0:57)

  • Add a shape (1:28)

  • Add interative strip (2:12)

  • Add button (2:30)

  • Connect social media (3:27)

  • Add video (3:32)

  • Add contact form (3:42)



Every time you make an edit to your website, you must check your mobile view. The changes need to be resized and adjusted to look professional.


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Creating an email campaign for your website is an excellent way to promote and have new users visit the new design. 


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new website tips

 NEED MORE HELP? provides outstanding support to their website creators. 

Use the Wix Help Center, this will answer any of your questions with accurate how-to steps.

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