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Hi, I'm Kelsey


Entrepreneur, Google Certified Expert

Women-Owned Business

You can call me KaeRae. I’ve been the proud owner of KaeRae Marketing since 2017. In short, I focus on Google tools and advertising for mid to large businesses. I’m also a real person who enjoys binge-watching crime and drama shows or movies while simultaneously working my way through a bag of Doritos and cuddling with my dogs…or husband. Can’t forget him!

I’m passionate about growing your business into a bigger business. And one incredibly impactful way to do that is through Google tools and advertising. It’s okay if you don’t fully understand the ins and outs of these platforms or what they’re capable of—I’m a certified Google expert, and it’s my job to be your guide.

Most clients come to me fresh from partnering with a big agency. They plugged thousands into the relationship, but the results weren’t what was promised. 

Maybe this is you, too.

You know the ick feeling in your belly when you’re not getting enough leads? Or the confusion you feel when you receive an analytics report that makes zero sense? And the frustration you get from paying for ads and SEO that don’t generate results?

You won’t get any of that here. 

Integrity is the name of my game. I’ll treat your investment with as much care and appreciation as you do. When you partner with KaeRae Marketing, it’s just you and me—smashing through your marketing goals and maximizing your business reach online.

"Trust your intuition and success will follow"

Neomi Rhyne

Google Ads Manager - KaeRae Marketing
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