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This where the success stories of our clients come to life. Discover how KaeRae Marketing's strategic solutions and innovative approach have transformed businesses and generated remarkable outcomes.

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Plumber Near Me

In just two years of collaboration with KaeRae Marketing, this plumbing and HVAC client experienced remarkable growth. By updating their website, implementing a robust SEO strategy, optimizing their Google My Business presence, and utilizing Google Ads, we transformed their business. Within one year, their leads doubled from 50 to 100 per month. And after two years, they reached an incredible average of 200 leads per month. Our comprehensive approach fueled their success, propelling their business to new heights.


Security Systems

Five years ago, this security systems installer client partnered with KaeRae Marketing to transform their business. Leveraging the power of Google Ads and custom landing pages, we strategically targeted their audience. Through deep keyword research and continuous optimization, we achieved consistent success. For the past year, they have consistently generated an average of 45 leads per month, surpassing their initial goal. KaeRae Marketing's expertise in digital advertising and landing page design played a crucial role in driving their sustained growth and establishing them as a leader in their industry.


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KaeRae Marketing's collaboration with a chiropractor client began with a website redesign, including an online booking capability in 2018. The result? A remarkable 40% increase in annual revenue. Building on this success, we launched a targeted Google Ads campaign in June 2022, securing top positions for popular searches like "chiropractor Rochester." The outcome was astonishing—a 24% revenue surge within just six months and an impressive 55% year-over-year increase. By leveraging our expertise, the chiropractor achieved outstanding growth, attracting more patients and reaping the rewards of our strategic digital marketing efforts.


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By the exceptional results achieved by KaeRae Marketing? If you're ready to experience the transformative power of our strategies for your business, book a call with us today and discuss how we can help you achieve your goals. Your success story awaits!

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