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Google Ads Certified

KaeRae Marketing offers complete Google Ads Management services to businesses around the world.

We manage your campaigns, answer all your questions, and keep you informed on all aspects of your marketing.

We’ve been Google Ads certified since 2014 and recertify every year to stay up to date on the latest strategies.

Google Ads is a pay-per-click (PPC) or search engine marketing (SEM) type of marketing campaign in which you compete with other businesses to get to the top page of Google.


We focus on generating new leads and a better conversion rate for your campaign. Conversion includes calls, filled website lead forms, email subscriptions, transactions, website visits that last at least one minute, and more.


Google Ads have so many benefits to bring you the best ROI and quality of leads.

Here are some of the results you get with a strong Google Ads strategy:

Rank higher in your prospects’ search results.

Beat your competition early in the game.

Reach your target market effectively.

Get into new target markets

Get better penetration in your existing markets.

Retain your current customer base.

Get more accurate keywords to describe your business.

Easy-to-analyze data to keep you on the front page.

Types of Ads

Google Ads offers you all kinds of options when it comes to getting your audience’s attention.

There are three types of Google Ads

Each Google service has different capabilities to help propel your brand into the top four search results,

suggested queries, and targeted text ads.

Below you will find examples of all the different types of ads you can use for your business.

(hover over each for an explanation)

Search Network

These are text-based ads that appear in Google Search results.

Display Network

These are image-based ads that show up on websites or apps used by your clients and prospects.


These short clips can be
inserted into YouTube videos.



Google, Yahoo, Bing

& other search engines

These ads are used to show up

for keyword searches related to your

business. To get a top position, Google wants to see relevancy from

your ad, keyword, & landing page.



Users that have visited

your website before

These ads are great for those industries that have a long buying

process. They will follow around

your website visitors for up to 30 days.



Mobile Device Users Only

These ads show up for users that are on a device that can make a call.

When the ad is clicked, they start dialing your business number.



Google Search

& other Google products

These ads show a picture of the

product, the price and when clicked

the user adds to cart. 



+ 2 Million Websites

These ads show up for users that are on a device that can make a call.

When the ad is clicked, they start dialing your business number.



+ 2 Million Websites

partnered with Google

These ads are the most cost effective ads available. Targeting your audience by specific website, behavior or demographics will allow higher quality.




before the video & on site

These ads are commercial like videos

to show before a YouTube video. Targeting based on channel, video topic, tags, behavior & demographics.

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These are commonly asked questions about Google Ads

What is CPC?

Cost-Per-Click. CPC describes the bidding strategy for Google Ads. There is a cost for each click that your ad gets. The competitiveness and other bidders for a specific keyword will designate how much the cost is.

Where are the Google Ads?

There are several types of Google Ads. Search Text Ads - can be found at the top and bottom of each Google search page. Search Call Only Ads - can be seen at the top of Google search, for only mobile users that can click on the ad and start dialing your business phone number. Display Image Ads - can be found on over 2 million websites across the web that partner with Google to show ads in designated spaces and sizes. YouTube Video Ads - can be seen as a commercial style ad before a YouTube video plays. Local Services Ads - can be seen above all other ads, showcasing the business star rating, total reviews, and phone #

What is the Google Ads Credit?

For a brand new Google Ads account you can sign up to recieve a $150 free ad spend promotional code to add to your account in the billing settings section. You just need to spend $50 first to receive the promo credit. Sign up for a free code: *Note the account needs to be less than 14 days old for the promo code to apply.

Are Google Ads and Google AdWords the same?

Yes, Google AdWords became Google Ads on July 24, 2018.

How do you target with Google Ads?

There are several different targeting your audience with Google Ads. 1. By Keyword 2. By Geographic Location 3. By Demographics 4. By Behaviors & Interests (homeowners, pet lover, just married, etc.) 5. By Websites They Visit 6. If they visited your website before

What is a keyword?

A keyword is what a user searches online to look for something. AKA; search query

What is a landing page?

A landing page is where the user goes on your website when they click on your ad. This page should be chosen specifically to relate to the keyword the user searched.

What should you write in your ad?

You should explain what sets your business apart from your competitors. Share quick phrases that will show your business value. Ex: Free Shipping, Locally Owned, Serving Rochester, NY, Licensed & Insured, etc.

What is the ad auction?

There are 3 main factors in the ad auction which determines the order of ads appear. 1. Your Bid - setting your bid maximum will tell Google how much you are willing to spend on a click. You end up paying only 1₵ more than the ad below you. 2. Your Ads - you need to have quality ad language that matches your keywords and the copy on your landing page. They all must be relevant for Google to see you are offering a good experience for the user if they click your ad. 3. You Ad Extensions - Google encourages using all of the ad extensions made available. Providing the user all the information about your business to help them choose your ad over others.


Already Using Google Ads?

google ads on desktop

We can provide an audit of your existing Google Ads campaigns. 

This audit will explain the recommendations for continuing to use Google Ads for your business. 

You will get my honest opinion about what would be best for your business. 

If you are wondering why you should work with KaeRae Marketing over your current manager. If you are working with an agency, you are not getting the custom attention you would get from a Google Ads consultant like KaeRae.

Share access with and schedule a time to review the audit here