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Valuable Reporting. Powerful Insights.

Discover real-time truths about your customers so you can get more of them.

Fun fact: Businesses that use data insights to make decisions are over 20x more likely to win new customers.


So, whether comprehensive reporting sets your heart aflutter (or makes you feel like you swallowed one too many slices), you need it to grow your business.

This service will help you uncover profitable insights and make decisions that attract more potential customers to your site. So, you can watch your business boom (in a good way).

Gain powerful insights

Here’s what your data can show me—so I can help you get your

business where you want it to be. 

Google My Business - KaeRae Marketing


What is your local reach and ranking? 

Google Search Console - KaeRae Marketing


Where your website pages and keywords currently rank?

Google Analytics - KaeRae Marketing


Is your existing traffic having a good experience on your site?

Google Tag Manager - KaeRae Marketing


What percentage of leads visiting your site are becoming customers?

YouTube - KaeRae Marketing


How much exposure does your business get from optimized videos?

Google tracks a LOT

You might not even realize how much it knows about your business. 

Let’s use Google to easily identify patterns, strengths, weaknesses, ROI, and more on your website.


With these insights, your business decisions can be based on real facts—not hopeful guesses.

Audit Options

Google Audit

Let’s look at all the Google tools you’re using for your business and determine which marketing strategies worked and which didn’t. The recommendations you receive can provide improved results for your next 6 months of online marketing.

SEO & Keyword Audit

Discover your website’s current SEO ranking and organic performance. Then combine that historical data with modern keyword research. The result includes updated page tags, blog posts, and backlinking that you can implement immediately.

Included in Your Audit Report

Google Audit - KaeRae Marketing


Specific data to help you understand the full scope of your business online.

Keyword Research - KaeRae Marketing


Details specific findings for your business and offers ideas for how to use the data.

Google Analytics Audit Report - KaeRae Marketing


Schedule your personalized meeting to ask questions and clarify recommendations.

Start speaking their language

You want more customers to book your services. To do that, you must understand them and their approach to your business.

You can keep guessing. And your business will continue as it always has.

Or you can get actionable insights and ideas. And start making progress toward your goals. 

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